The Sarmasazan Andisheh company, with 20 years of experience, since 1995, has taken some steps towards the improvement of the cooling section of the country Iran by starting the establishment and launch of cooling systems and is still continuing its work powerfully and with modern and up to date technology and innovation in the cooling systems.

The Saramasazan Andisheh Company has designed, implemented and launched 45 great cooling projects in terms of food industries – storage fridges – and specific industrial systems.

The Saramasazan Andisheh Company is the pioneer in the automation of the cooling industry regarding operation, navigation and also control and has attempted to do so since ten years ago and is currently active.

Cooperation of the Saramasazan Andisheh Company with large cooling companies, especially GEA, has been wonderful in the past decade and it has led to the entrance of new technologies to the country.

Selling cooling items in each food and industrial issue can be a part of our cooperation with you.

You can be informed about our method of work by visiting the section of the projects.

You can use the initial necessary consultation and information with only a phone call.